Live Gin

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LIVE GIN is a handcrafted artisanal London Dry Gin produced in small amounts on the island of Mallorca. The ingredients originate from the region and are hand-harvested. All ingredients are prepared and distilled in a traditional copper pot still. By distilling the whole and fresh citrus fruits 100% of the flavour ends up straight in the distillate – so there’s no need for flavour additives. LIVE GIN is bottled unstrained, conserving all the mineral nutrients and essential oils.

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Majorcan juniper, harvested in the dunes of Es Trenc is the tasty core of LIVE GIN and brings along a slight salty note. Mediterranean citrus fruit complements very well with it. The flavour is completed by smooth botanicals such as Manzanilla de Mahon, liquorice, lavender and cardamom.

LIVE GIN is very aromatic but comes along with a quite smooth taste. To be used not only for mixing
but as well as a flavourful digistif.